AnonymizeProtect Your Customers Personal Information

With Anonymize your customers and employees can make phone calls and send messages without exposing their personal phone numbers.

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Anonymize at a glance

With Anonymize you protect the personal phone number information of your customers, by not exposing their number during calls to your contact centre or to your field agents.

Integral Component of the DIGO Platform
Multiple Use Cases
Turnkey Solution

Integral Component of the DIGO Platform

Anonymize can be deployed as a standalone solution, or can be combined with other elements of the DIGO portfolio for enhanced customer engagement.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Multiple Use Cases

Anonymize is highly adaptable across a range of use cases and segments, from ride hailing to dating apps. From Digital market places to healthcare contact.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Turnkey Solution

No need to build a caller anonymization application from scratch. DIGO Anonymize presents a pre-built solution for you, that just requires configuration for your specific requirements.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Integral Component of the DIGO Platform

Anonymize can be deployed as a standalone solution, or can be combined with other elements of the DIGO portfolio for enhanced customer engagement.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Use case you might be interested in

We connect you to the world.

Ride Share

Digital marketplace


Transport and Logistics

Online Dating

Remote Contact Centre Agent

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Let drivers and passengers call each other without exposing their personal phone numbers

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

For online exchanges, keep buyer and seller personal numbers private, for extra security

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Protect the identity of private hosts and guests by hiding their phone number with a local area number

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Customers and drivers can connect to share timely information about deliveries

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Use a masking number for safe and secure interaction without exposing personal information

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Your customers can speak to your contact centre agents while protecting their privacy

Keep your customer engaged at anytime, anywhere

Simple APIIntegration

No coding or additional infrastructure required

Multi-Country Support

Available in more than 40 countries with more being Regularly added

Optimum Call Quality & Security

The service runs across our carrier grade infrastructure

Assured Regulatory Compliance

Rest assured you comply with local regulations in each region served

Technical features for developers

Our easy integration and in-depth documentation Makes it simple to use Anonymize to protect your customers

  • Create Masking Session
  • Get Session Information
  • Deactivate Session
  • Session detail records
  • Extend Session

Got Questions. We’ve got all your answers!

What else can this service be used for?

There are several scenarios where this service can be used, including taxi services, e-commerce and P2P digital market places, dating sites, logistics and food delivery services, remote contact centre agents.

Are my employees’ own numbers protected?

Yes. The system works both ways, so if a field agent or delivery driver is calling your customer, their phone number is also protected.

How does the call flow work?

A customer initiates an action on your app
1) A temporary masking number is assigned between your customer and your service partner, whenever a transaction is initiated through your application
2) Whenever the user or the partner calls on this masking number, the call is routed through the DIGO platform. The platform checks the mapping of the incoming number and initiate the call to the respective user or partner.
3) The DIGO platform than patches both calls together. This way, the user and the service partner are connected, without knowing each other’s actual number.

When would I need to use the Anonymize service?

You use Anonymize to protect the privacy of your customers. Anonymize creates a virtual call bridge between your customers and your contact centre or field agents. The agents cannot see the customer’s phone number, thus protecting your customers.

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