Drive your customer communication campaigns with a single click through Salesforce app

With Tata Communications Connect SMS for Salesforce, communicate with your customers better than ever.

Tata Communications Connect SMS For Saleforce

Tata Communications Connect SMS for Salesforce enables brands to communicate with their customers instantly via SMS. With Tata Communications Connect SMS, drive conversations with your leads enabled with real time and actionable insights.

Ease of Integration

Integrate your Salesforce app to Tata Communications Connect SMS within minutes with pre-built bots

Analyse Performance

Get actionable insights on campaign performance and move one step ahead to conversion

Group SMS

Send SMS to a larger group at the same time

2-way SMS

Interact with your customers on the Salesforce app on the go

Programmable, Scalable, 100% Reliable.

With Tata Communications Connect SMS, integrating SMS communication with the Salesforce app is extremely easy with prebuilt and ready to use bots. Direct integration and 2-way SMS make it simple to keep your business connected, while bulk uploading of contacts and group SMS helps simplify your communication strategy.
The user friendly interface and comprehensive analysis make it easy to keep track of your SMS campaigns.

Why work with us?

With our robust network and global coverage, deliver SMS communication around the world within the Salesforce app at ease.
Our ready to use bots help you easily integrate SMS capability to the Salesforce app and get started on two way SMS and SMS campaigns

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